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Invoice Automation Software Features

Best Invoice Automation Software to automate your accounts payable process.

Workflow Flexibility

  • Flexible and configurable to your AP workflow
  • Improved control and visibility
  • Streamline approval processes
  • Replicate your current invoice process online
  • Increase your process efficiency

Instant Invoice Routing

  • Easy communication between users on any invoice
  • Instantly pass your invoice to users
  • No more lost invoices
  • Streamline workflow between off-site approvers instantly
  • Access to invoice at any stage of approval process

OCR Service

  • Virtually eliminates manual data entry for your AP department
  • Minimizing coding errors and re-work
  • Workload Reduction
  • Security and Privacy Assured
  • Increase your department’s productivity by 50% or more

PO Matching

  • Minimise coding errors resulting in re-work
  • Minimise late payment penalties
  • Speed up processing time
  • Improve control and visibility into spend commitments
  • Quick, Flexible and Easy to Use
  • Real-Time Access
  • Automatically match POs to invoices

Invoice Visibility

  • Real-time visibility into where an invoice is in workflow process
  • Easy searching for invoices at any stage of workflow
  • Users know instantly what to work on
  • Daily or instant notifications settings
  • Duplicate invoices are instantly flagged for removal or correction
  • Managing invoices across multi-companies instantly simplified


  • Manage multi-company database files from ONE place
  • Monitor and process ALL your invoices online from ONE location
  • Accurately export ALL AP transaction data to all companies
  • Import your invoices to the correct accounting database
  • Users will ONLY see the company they belong to, nothing else

Purchase Order Management

  • Increase cost savings as a percentage of spend
  • Improve spend under management
  • Increase stakeholder acceptance of your purchasing process
  • Reducing catalogue-based order cycle time by 75%

Job Work Order Management

  • Creation of Inward Delivery challans for the job work operations
  • Manage the job work and Subcontracting Operation with stock management at Vendor Locations.

Inventory Management

  • Optimize stock levels to reduce costs
  • Build customer rapport with on-time delivery
  • Know your inventory levels in real-time
  • Fulfil orders efficiently with Pick-Pack-Ship
  • Never miss a sale with Backorders
  • Reduce human errors with automation

System Integration

  • IQinvoice adds onto your existing accounting systems, infrastructure and processes
  • We seamlessly integrating with most popular accounting applications.
  • Our team works side-by-side with you throughout implementation
  • We configure IQInvoice to fit your workflow requirements
  • Enjoy 100% control over the process

Cloud based or On-premise

  • With IQinvoice accounting department has full control over the entire system.
  • Work anywhere, anytime with access from any device
  • Your data is safe, secure and backed up regularly
  • Knowledgeable client support
  • Say goodbye to paper invoices

Quick Custom Reports

  • Easier account reconciliation
  • Easier variance analysis
  • Easier budgeting
  • Assistance with forecasting for managers
  • Easy access to historical data to those outside of accounting
  • Seamlessly download information to PDF or Excel
  • Share your report with users instantly
  • Pre-set reports with all the major details you need

Vendor Database

  • Get visibility in to vendor relationships
  • All you vendor data in one place
  • Quick search to get vendor details
  • Better Contract Management
  • Help to streamline information – scattered

Vendor Automation

  • Automate vendor interactions to drive operational efficiency
  • Enable Self- service for vendor interactions
  • Quickly settle submitted invoice

Instant Payment

  • A quick route for paying vendors
  • Accelerate payment operation
  • A smooth payment experience for every one

Supplier Management

  • Ready for a touchless alternative to time-consuming and error-prone manual supplier onboarding? With the Supplier Registration module, your suppliers use a simple, elegant interface to onboard themselves.
  • Nothing needs to be rekeyed. You can capture, validate and approve data and have it automatically transferred to your ERP – hassle free. The result is faster onboarding, richer and more accurate supplier information and greatly improved controls.