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How AP Automation can Alleviate Remote Worker Pains

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have enacted mandatory ‘work from home’ rules. Some businesses, mostly in the technology industry have not had to suffer due to their employees working from home because of the nature of the industry. However, most other businesses have had to suffer due to this change in the working policies. These businesses are mostly ones that rely on manual systems and physical presence to achieve their goals.

One particular department that has suffered the most within these businesses is the accounts payable department. This is because the accounts payable process in these businesses is mostly based on traditional paper-based systems. Due to the manual tasks involved in a paper-based system, the employees of the business have also suffered in achieving their goals.

If these businesses adapt automation in accounts payable process, they wouldn’t have to face these problems. Businesses that have implemented automation in accounts payable have not suffered from the same problems as it allows the business and its employees better control over the accounts payable process. Accounts payable automation can help businesses implement a remote accounts payable process and help employees work remotely. To get started, you can visit

There are also some other examples of ways in which AP automation can alleviate remote worker pains.

Electronic Documents Exchange

Accounts payable automation can help employees exchange documents electronically without the need for physical contact. In a manual accounts payable system, employees have to either physically interact or send documents through mail to process such documents. AP automation cuts the need for this process as all documents in the accounts payable process are readily available digitally.

Process Invoices Remotely

With accounts payable automation, employees can easily process invoices remotely using invoice automation. In a manual accounts payable process, these invoices need to be checked with other documents to process them. AP automation, on the other hand, can fully automate the process without the need for employees to check on the data processed. However, in some areas of the automated accounts payable process, where human input is necessary, AP automation can also help remote workers easily process the data remotely.

Remote Approvals

Invoices processed by an automated accounts payable system still need to be approved during different steps. In a manual system, approvals are obtained by taking the paper invoices around for authorities to sign and approve those invoices. Through AP automation, this step can be fully automated and invoices can be sent remotely, to the authorities, to be approved. These invoices don’t even need to be signed by the authorities, unlike a paper-based accounts payable process. These can be approved with the click of a button while working from a remote location.

Make Payments Remotely

Accounts payable automation can help ease the process of paying suppliers. In a manual accounts payable process, payments are mostly made in the form of cheques. These cheques need to be approved and signed by authorized parties for the payment process to go through. This process is difficult to complete if the employees of the business are working remotely. With AP automation, this process can be significantly simplified and payments to suppliers can be made online.

Integration With Other Systems

Accounts payable automation can easily integrate the accounts payable process of a business with other systems such as the ERP system of the business or its accounting system. For example, IQinvoice can integrate with different ERP systems, a list of which can be found on This integration allows other functions of the business to easily obtain any data required from the accounts payable system of the business. In a manual system, this data would need to be manually delivered from one department to another. This makes it easier for remote workers to easily access any information required from the accounts payable department without the need for physical presence.

Easy to Use

With the remote working policy, many employees have found it difficult to adapt to new remote working systems offered by their employers. With AP automation, employees don’t need to put in extra effort to use the system. The learning curve of AP automation is very simple. The user experience of AP automation systems allows employees to easily replace their repetitive tasks with automated tasks without the need for special training.


It can be difficult for a business and its employees to adopt a remote working policy. The policy is proven to be successful in the technology industry. However, for other industries, it has created a significant challenge. One particular department that has suffered within these businesses is the accounts payable department. However, with AP automation, this challenge can be eliminated, and remote worker pains can be alleviated. AP automation allows remote workers to exchange documents electronically, process invoices, approve invoices, and make payments to suppliers remotely. The system is also fairly easy to use for employees. Moreover, AP automation reduces the need for physical presence by integrating with other systems.