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Reduce Account Payable process time from 7 days to 30 mins

Make your working capital work for you

IQ Invoice provides Intelligent Capture and AP Automation software to simplify and transform your business. Organizations looking to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their accounts payable operations benefits from a unified platform that combines data capture, process management, data integration, vendor management, mobile access, centralized collaboration and analytics.

What is

IQ Invoice is a user-friendly Invoice automation and routing system designed to mirror your current approval processes and workflow.

Invoice ends up in the right place at the right time. Make use of the system’s high-level reporting function.
Tracking can be done through the entire lifecycle of the invoice and each stage of the invoice can be identified easily.

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IQ Invoice is the simplest way to process your invoices.

Workflow Flexibility

Flexible and configurable to your AP workflow, streamlining approval process with improved control and visibility.

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Instant Invoice Routing

Enables easy communication and routing invoice between users in workflow, access to invoice at any stage of approval process.

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OCR Service

Virtually eliminate manual data entry and increase productivity by 50% or more, minimize coding errors and workload reduction.

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PO Matching

Automatically match POs to invoices, avoid late payment penalties and speed up processing time. Improve control and visibility into spend commitments.

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Invoice Visibility

Real-time visibility of invoice status in workflow, daily or instant notifications and flag duplicate invoices for removal or correction.

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Manage multi-company database files from ONE place, monitor and process ALL your invoices from ONE location based on the role & access granted to the invoices.

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System Integration

Adds onto your existing accounting systems, infrastructure and processes. Seamlessly integrate with most popular accounting systems. Our team works side-by-side with you throughout implementation.

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Cloud based or On-premise

AP team will have complete control over the entire system. Work anywhere, anytime with access from any device and your data is safe, secure and backed up regularly. Say goodbye to paper invoices.

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Quick Custom Reports

Easier account reconciliation, variance analysis and aids in easier budgeting. Share reports with users instantly and pre-set reports with all the major details you need.

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How Works

Capture, Code & Send

Upload invoice, scan and send for approval

Verify & Approve

Approve or reject assigned invoices

Authorise For Payment

Final approval to submit invoices for payment

Send To Financial System

Approved invoices are sent straight to financial system for payment or through to the bank

Archive For Audits

Archive invoice history and use for audits

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IQinvoice is quick to launch and easy to use. Help you to develop a time efficient integration and deployment plan



Client Success team will walk you and your team through the entire process. Provide personal online training.



No changes to your existing accounting system. No changes to your existing business process






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Reduction in
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